3 x 1 hour ABC1

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder


Executive Producers: Michael Cordell, Nick Murray

Producer: Toni Malone

Associate Producer: Elissa Mckeand

Director: Damian Davis

DOP: Ian Batt

Sound: Mark Blackwell


Shooting this series for Cordell Jigsaw was one of the highlights of my career. It was such a adventure to spend about 10 weeks on the road shooting with Tim Flannery and John Doyle who are also the funniest blokes together. From Southern Victoria to just off the coast of Papua New Guinea and the seven peaks in between with every possible weather scenario made shooting a real challenge.

Sound recordist on 'Divide' was the very exeprienced and super easy to get a long with bloke, Mark Blackwell. You can reach him on M: 0408 416 274 or E: