Thanks to Matt Jenkins, 1st AC on this series. He throws himself into the role and always with a smile and a laugh. He's a huge asset to any production.


6 x 1 hour Weather Channel (USA) & VPRO (Netherlands)


Shooting ground breaking science with NASA and scientists from around the world studying weather systems, shooting  of this series began in Kaangarlussuaq, Greenland before moving all around the country. The expedition for the production went from sleeping on the ice sheet in the centre of the country to dog sledding with the villagers of Caanaq in the very north (and very close to the North Pole) and places in between.


The series presenter is the Dutch climate journalist and explorer, Bernice Notenbloom.

We travelled next to Brazil and the Amazon jungle. We explored the upper tributaries and past Belem to the science research facility in Caxiuana, back down through Brasila, the Pantanal and Manaus.


In Alaska we investigated the studying of the Artic from the North American side. Following the University of Fairbanks and their study of the tundra melt. We next travelled to Barrow, the most northerly town in the country working with NASA, NOAA and local Inupiat people.


Final stop for me was South Africa and Namibia where we criss-crossed over the southern tip to look at ocean currents and desert climates and how they inlfuence global climate.