Flying Miners

3 x 1 hours


Screentime/Taylor Media


Executive Producer: Stephen Peters

Director: David Peters

Producer: Catherine Durr

Additional Cinematography: Ian Batt

Additional Sound: Glenn Dillon


This observational documentary series follows a group of Australian "fly-in, fly-out" miners, people who have given up regular lives and jobs to try to make it big in Australia's booming mineral mining industry. Using their stories as a base, The Flying Miners also goes into the boardrooms where men and women in the boardrooms across the country are formulating money making decisions that can boggle the mind and offers an incredible view of Australia's stunning natural beauty, glorious vistas mixed with the tough workplace environments of this very visual industry.


F55 shoot as additonal cinematographer to partner with observational shoots aroudn australia.


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Additonal sound by Glenn Dillon


Contact him on:


t 0412 114 021